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Here’s Some Business Tools Andrei Jikh Uses To Make Money


Apr 14, 2020

Here’s a quick guide on Andrei Jikh’s income methods as well as our thoughts on them.

Important: Most passive income methods are not fully passive at all times. All ways of making money require continuous work.

Jump Throughout The Guide:
1. WeBull’s Affiliate Program
2. RobinHood’s Affiliate Program
3. M1 Finance’s Affiliate Program
4. Personal Shopify Store
5. Audible’s Affiliate Program
6. Patreon
7. Amazon Influencer Store

1. WeBull’s Affiliate Program

You might have seen WeBull over and over when researching stocks on Youtube.

You know why? WeBull’s affiliate program is extremely rewarding.

If someone you refer to the platform invests $100, you can get 3 free stocks.

NOW you know why you’re seeing it everywhere.

2. RobinHood’s Affiliate Program

Not as generous as WeBull’s affiliate program, but still very generous.

You might have noticed financial influencers push WeBull over Robinhood lately, and it’s easy to see why.

Robinhood gives 1 free stock instead of 3.

3. M1 Finance’s Affiliate Program

M1 Finance is the 3rd stock purchasing platform he refers to.

An influencer earns $100 for every time a referral puts in $1000 on the platform.

This seems to be a tougher sell since you have to rely on the fact that they have to put in $1000.

WeBull requires only $100, rather than $1000.

4. Personal Shopify Store

Andrei has a shopify store wherein he sells magician related products.

Great way of making money by simply productizing his passions.


5. Audible’s Affiliate Program

This is clearly an influencer favorite.


It’s simply an easy way to earn residual cash because Audible pays you for FREE trials.

That’s right, get people to sign up for a FREE trial and you get paid $5 for it.

This is probably the best affiliate program Amazon offers.

6. Patreon

If you’re looking for Andrei Jikh’s Stock Portfolio, head to his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/andreijikh

So many people Google around for Andrei’s stock picks, he’s not going to give it all away for free 🙂

Brilliant as well.

7. Amazon Influencer Store

One of the greatest marketing moves in history, Amazon’s platform to provide personal referral stores to big names.

Obviously, Andrei takes full advantage.

Curious about how much money Andrei Jikh makes? We made an article about it here: https://vipmarketresearch.com/andrei-jikh-income/

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