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How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make with Youtube Adsense? 2020


Apr 1, 2020

How much money does Pewdiepie Make With Youtube Adsense?

We’re going to try to estimate it!

There is no straight-up computation on how much another Youtuber earns. 

Our research is based on gaming youtubers Gotians Games, MattCS & Gemik.

MattCS focuses on first person shooters and as of January 2020, he makes about 56 cents for 1000 views.

Gotians Games focuses on a little bit of everything & makes about $2.50 per 1000 views as of April 2019.

Gemik focuses on mobile gaming & makes about 33 cents per 1000 views as of June 2019.

They make an average of $1.13 per 1000 views.

However, PewDiePie is enormous & likely attracts advertisers at a higher rate, so we’re upping it to $3 per 1000 views.

We believe this is conservative, and he can make way more.

As of March 2019, PewDiePie got about 300 million views.

300,000,000 Views / 1000 Views * $3 = $900,000

So we believe that PewDiePie makes about $900,000/month with Youtube Adsense.

Do you think we’re right about how much money Pewdiepie makes with adsense? Comment below or email us!

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